Raptor at rest…

Last week we had a visitor…

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle at Rest

This mature Bald Eagle was larger than most.  It was rather far off, so I had to use my 100-400mm lens at full zoom, and even then crop the images down to get the shots you see here.  From a distance, we were wondering if it was a porcupine that had climbed into a tree.  It turned out to be an eagle that was preening.  It sat there for a good 45 minutes before quietly flying away.

We get some entertaining wildlife in the greenbelt behind out house on occasion.  I have seen cranes, moose, fox, and even a few bears.  Eagles come through as well, though they rarely stop to visit…


2 responses to “Raptor at rest…

  1. He’s beautiful! Where did you take this at? We just started seeing eagles again a few years back here in northern Indiana and I’m hoping to get a good shot of one like this! So far they’ve been too far away and blurry! They really are amazing creatures. Anyway, good job!

    • Becca – Thank you for visiting my blog! This photo was taken in Anchorage, Alaska. There is a greenbelt right behind my house, and the eagle was just relaxing in a tree at the far end of it. (Here’s a Google Maps link to it… Hopefully this works.) We get some amazing wildlife in our area on occasion. Good luck with your photography!

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