I decided to start this page in an effort to get the creative juices flowing.  See, in general, I am not a very creative person outside of life within the viewfinder and the now very occasional pen-to-paper session.  So what better way to challenge myself to step away from the boob tube and demand that I make life happen on my terms…

I was subjected to an eye opening experience recently that drastically changed how I perceive life and its purpose.  I believe most would consider it a tragedy.  I, however, must see it as a blessing and as an opportunity.  Over all, I was very lucky that the outcome of this event was as benign as it was; The potential tragedy was significantly higher than what occurred.  Recognizing this, I vowed not to let this second chance slip away.

So here I am.  Who am I?  I’m your average guy that you wouldn’t give second notice walking down the street.  I’m a father, a son…  I’m a husband and brother.  I’m the living statistic: House, car, picket fence around the average American yard with the average American dog.  But now, I refuse to be average, and will shed my previous ‘life’ and embark on a new journey called ‘living’…

Now, I don’t expect to become the next great ‘whatever’.  I simply expect to live life on my terms, to grow and learn and explore.  And hopefully, this page will become a testament to change, and how I achieved it.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.