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Different perspective on night time timelapse…

I Stumbleuponed this interesting perspective on stellar timelapse photography.  Most keep the Earth stationary and let the stars rotate, but this one flips that: Let the Earth rotate and keep the stars stationary!

This unique timelapse is entertaining to watch, but I also feel that it offers an interesting glimpse into man’s desire to understand the cosmos….


Chiang Mai, Thailand…

This piece appeals to me from a photographer/videographer point of view, as well as my inner geek.  These artists use a helicam to capture images from a very unique perspective; One where booms and other rigs can’t go.

Personally, there seems to be a disjoint in what this video is intending to convey, but if you take it set of images on their own, it is an amazing way to share a beautiful part of Thailand.  It makes me want to go and capture it for myself!  Thank you Revoflight for creating new systems for photographers/videographers!