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Finally Edited: New Orleans!

So, nearly two and  a half months after we took the vacation, I finally got the photos edited and posted to my website.  It seems that about a quarter of the images I shot turned out to be ‘web-worthy’…  Not to say the others were bad shots, but rather the selection I posted were what I enjoyed the most!

New Orleans 2011

Click photo for gallery

We had a great time taking the vacation, and I had a lot of fun taking a lot of pictures.  There are still a few things I have left to play around with, such as some video and timelapse work, which I will get posted once I am happy with the result.  But all the stills are up and ready for everyone to enjoy!

Please feel free to comment and critique things…  I am still learning both photography itself, as well as Aperture 3.  Suggestions are always helpful!  Thank you for visiting my blog


Different perspective on night time timelapse…

I Stumbleuponed this interesting perspective on stellar timelapse photography.  Most keep the Earth stationary and let the stars rotate, but this one flips that: Let the Earth rotate and keep the stars stationary!

This unique timelapse is entertaining to watch, but I also feel that it offers an interesting glimpse into man’s desire to understand the cosmos….

7D test Timelapse…

So I broke out the intervalometer and the 7D on the drive home a few days back, and tried my first timelapse video using the Canon…

My first timelapse with the 7D

Click the pic for timelapse awesomeness!

I realize it needs a b it of work, but I learned a lot with this first test.  I can see neutral density filters will come in handy, especially on bright and sunny days. I still need to play around a bit with shutter speed, ISO, and F-Stop, as well as post production…  But that is the reason why we play around and try new things!  I have an idea on what to try tomorrow…  🙂

TimeScapes: Rapture – Tom Lowe…

I just stumbled upon (not, actually found it myself) a stunning timelapse video put together by Tom Lowe.

Once I saw this, I knew I had to share it with all of you.  Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this video…  Tom’s creative use of unique perspectives and powerful imagery really bring this short to life.  And the best part: This is just a small taste of a larger project that will be released shortly!  For more info, click here…

Creative timelapse using a Lensbaby…

Here is a creative timelapse video created by Shinnosuke.

I am a fan of both the creative Lensbaby systems, as well as timelapse videos.  I am looking forward to experimenting with my 7D and Control Freak to creating stills, timelapse, and video.  Shorts like these fill me with a lot of inspiration.  Shinnosuke did a great job editing this video together, as well as capturing a night time skyline…  Peaceful but energetic at the same time.

Amazing timelapse video…

…by talented photographer Dominic Boudreault.

One of these days I hope I can be half as talented as he is!