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Different perspective on night time timelapse…

I Stumbleuponed this interesting perspective on stellar timelapse photography.  Most keep the Earth stationary and let the stars rotate, but this one flips that: Let the Earth rotate and keep the stars stationary!

This unique timelapse is entertaining to watch, but I also feel that it offers an interesting glimpse into man’s desire to understand the cosmos….


570 Megapixel Camera…

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we put out minds to work.  Granted, this is not the most technologically challenge project man has ever undertaken, but it is still a marvel of science!

I have always enjoyed astronomy, so now to see what we are doing when we combine that with photography, I find it exciting!  To be able to essentially go back in time and take pictures of events that happened billions of years ago is very inspiring.  It also helps us understand the universe just a little bit more.

Fermilab has built an amazing 570 megapixel camera that will be sent to observatories in Chile.  This is no pocket-sized point-and-shoot: At four tons and five feet tall, it’d be hard to haul around!


570 megapixel camera

Watch the video: Scientists do have a sense of humor! 🙂

I can’t wait to see what awesome images this camera will bring to light…