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Finally Edited: New Orleans!

So, nearly two and  a half months after we took the vacation, I finally got the photos edited and posted to my website.  It seems that about a quarter of the images I shot turned out to be ‘web-worthy’…  Not to say the others were bad shots, but rather the selection I posted were what I enjoyed the most!

New Orleans 2011

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We had a great time taking the vacation, and I had a lot of fun taking a lot of pictures.  There are still a few things I have left to play around with, such as some video and timelapse work, which I will get posted once I am happy with the result.  But all the stills are up and ready for everyone to enjoy!

Please feel free to comment and critique things…  I am still learning both photography itself, as well as Aperture 3.  Suggestions are always helpful!  Thank you for visiting my blog


More New Orleans photos…

So I have had a productive start to the Memorial Day weekend!  I was able to finish off another day of post processing photos taken during our trip to New Orleans.  I only have a few more days to edit, then I will have all the main photos up.

New Orleans Vacation

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The vacation was much needed after a long winter, as well as celebrating my rehabilitation after the accident last August.  It was the first time I was able to get out and take some pictures in quite a while.  I also had to realize some new limitations as I was unable to move the way I used to, so some angles were just unobtainable.

The trip was a success as Stacey and I had a great time, the sun and warmth did wonders for spirit (and leg!), but also really got us thinking about leaving Alaska at some point, sooner than later…

Industrial New Orleans…

New Orleans is an active port along the Mississippi River, and despite popular belief, it is not on the coast but rather 100 miles inland.

Industrial New Orleans

Industrial New Orleans

We took an afternoon cruise down the Mississippi on the riverboat Natchez, which took us past some the active parts of the port.  There are also quite a bit of industrial areas to go along with this, and provided a lot of engaging scenery for photographers.

Finally blogging again…

…and this time, posting some of my own photos!

Welcome to New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans

We recently took a fun trip to New Orleans, and enjoyed the warmth, sun, and food. I was able to take a few photos, and have taken my time in getting them organized and cleaned up for posting. I will continue to work through them and will most assuredly post them here.

Welcome back to Mike Hannigan Photography…