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How far would you go to take a picture?

How far would you go to take a picture?  Would you climb a mountain?  Disguise your camera for public candids?  How about trespassing?  And if you do decide to trespass, what are your comfort limits?  How about trespassing into an operational rocket engine manufacturing plant?

Photographer Lana Sator did just that at a plant just outside Moscow.  In the process, she captured some amazing images!  (She also got the attention of government officials who are demanding that she take the images down…)

Rocket Engine Manufacturing Plant ©Lana Sator 2011

Rocket Engine Manufacturing Plant ©Lana Sator 2011

Luckily for us, Lana is refusing to take the images down, much to the ire of the government officials.  Click the image above to check out Lana’s site in Russian.  No need to worry, you can easily understand it through her photos… 🙂

So next time you go out to take some pictures, stop and think: Just how far would you go to take that perfect picture…?


Amazing timelapse video…

…by talented photographer Dominic Boudreault.

One of these days I hope I can be half as talented as he is!

What *IS* photojournalism…

Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother," a...

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To paraphrase, it is an artistic view that also tells a story.  Here are a few videos that describe and define the roll of a photojournalist.  In them, there are some amazing and powerful stories that are told.

Award-Winning Photogs Discussing the Power of Photojournalism

“Photography is a reflection of the photographer.” – Santiago Lyon