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Amazing examples of HDR photography done right…

High Dynamic Range photography is an amazing way to capture images.  It brings out features that are normally lost in standard photography…  However, HDR photography can be overdone, and images can become over-processed and unrealistic.

Here are some amazing examples of HDR photography done right!  Enjoy!


A Back-lit Nebraska Storm: Image by Mike Olbinski



What *IS* photojournalism…

Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother," a...

Image via Wikipedia

To paraphrase, it is an artistic view that also tells a story.  Here are a few videos that describe and define the roll of a photojournalist.  In them, there are some amazing and powerful stories that are told.

Award-Winning Photogs Discussing the Power of Photojournalism

“Photography is a reflection of the photographer.” – Santiago Lyon

Instant poster anyone?

So, how about a super-sized Polaroid camera?

Instant 20 X 24 photos are BACON!