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Think you can’t make a movie?

So, you think you can’t make a movie because you have no money, no equipment, and no training…  Game over, right?  Try telling that to Andre Rettedal from Norway.

Mitch over at Planet 5D found this great story of a young man who dreamed of movies… In spite of not having what you think is necessary to break into the business, he had all he needed: Motivation.

With only his script and £3000 in his pocket, he left home for London.  He found a small team, and in 6 days he had his film!  But the amazing part of this story is that he sold his film at the Cannes Film Festival!

Andre Rettedal - Filmmaker

Andre Rettedal - Filmmaker © Denton Distribution

Click the picture to read a bit more about Andre’s story, and then try to come up with an excuse as to why you can’t get out and tell your story!


7D test Timelapse…

So I broke out the intervalometer and the 7D on the drive home a few days back, and tried my first timelapse video using the Canon…

My first timelapse with the 7D

Click the pic for timelapse awesomeness!

I realize it needs a b it of work, but I learned a lot with this first test.  I can see neutral density filters will come in handy, especially on bright and sunny days. I still need to play around a bit with shutter speed, ISO, and F-Stop, as well as post production…  But that is the reason why we play around and try new things!  I have an idea on what to try tomorrow…  🙂

Extreme weather photography…

I enjoy photography, and need to get out more…  I also love extreme weather.  There are some talented photographers out there that capture amazing images of amazing weather.

William Phuoc caught an amazing lightning strike that hit about 600 feet away from where they were shooting.  Not only that, but he caught video of the strike as well!  I have been attempting to insert William’s video, but WordPress is being difficult, so you will have to simply settle for a LINK.  Trust me, it is worth it!

Gorgeous video – Tahiti…

I found this video on one of my favorite videography sites, Planet5D…

This is a fun, colorful and beautiful video that gives wonderful ‘bite’ into what there is to do in Tahiti.  The colors draw you in, and the personal touches revealed by local life simply reaffirm what we all already know – Tahiti is beautiful!

Hint – Watch this in HD if you can!

Blast from the past: Bears at Katmai…

So, quite a few years ago, I was quite lucky and took a trip to remote Alaska.  I stayed at an amazing fishing lodge on the Agulowak River.  While there, a group of us were able to take a flight over to the Katmai National Park which is known for bears!


It was an amazing and memorable trip, and an experience of a lifetime…  The adrenaline rush of walking in bear country, knowing that, without question, a bear was within 100 yards of you at any given time, is a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else, doing anything else.  While still relatively new to photography, I think that a few photos actually turned out OK!  Enjoy…

570 Megapixel Camera…

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we put out minds to work.  Granted, this is not the most technologically challenge project man has ever undertaken, but it is still a marvel of science!

I have always enjoyed astronomy, so now to see what we are doing when we combine that with photography, I find it exciting!  To be able to essentially go back in time and take pictures of events that happened billions of years ago is very inspiring.  It also helps us understand the universe just a little bit more.

Fermilab has built an amazing 570 megapixel camera that will be sent to observatories in Chile.  This is no pocket-sized point-and-shoot: At four tons and five feet tall, it’d be hard to haul around!


570 megapixel camera

Watch the video: Scientists do have a sense of humor! 🙂

I can’t wait to see what awesome images this camera will bring to light…

An ‘eye for pictures’…

As someone who has an eye issue (Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome), I have a close relationship with my eye doctor.  As I enjoy photography, I like to make sure my eyes are up-to-snuff, so to speak.  So to see that Canon uses their DSLRs in ophthalmic equipment is something I think is pretty nifty!


Canon Cameras take pictures of your eyes!

Amazing equipment

I hope to see Canons in my eye doctor’s office soon!  That reminds me, time to make an appointment…