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There’s *always* room for Jello…

…or is there?  As a dessert, Jello is almost everyone’s all time favorite quite and easy fix.  But when it comes to videography, most would rather stay away from the jiggles.

Rolling shutters are the norm in today’s affordable video cameras.  In a vast majority of situations, this doesn’t normally present an issue.  However, any time you pan, that’s when things tend to get their wobble on.

By the way a rolling shutter works, vertical items tend to appear slanted when you pan.  And the faster you pan, the worse the slant.  This is because the rolling shutter essentially starts at the top, and works its way down.  So, when you pan, the vertical items get cut into slices by the shutter, then shifted by the motion of the camera.  The effect is wobbly verticals.

Apple has created an amazing and powerful feature in their new iMovie release, iMovie 11.  Check out the details here…


Jello shots begone!

iMovie 11 fixes rolling shutter jiggles...

What will those crazy peeps at Cupertino come up with next??


Canon HDSLRs used in TV show productions…

So a while back, I was commenting in a forum on an non-camera related site, advrider.com, that HDSLRs can do some things that video cameras can’t do.  The argument from the other side is that it was silly that DSLRs are now doing video, and that the two technologies should never marry.  Well, arguing on the net is pretty much a waste of effort on everyone’s part as you rarely sway the other party.

I do find it interesting that more and more major TV and film productions are starting to use HDSLRs for various reasons.  Here is a prime example:


Memphis Beat: HDSLRs in production

Canon's 5D mkII & 7D on set

Personally, I think it is a perfect marriage of technologies.  I am looking to pick up a 7D myself, and make use of both still and video capabilities.  I am primarily a still photographer, but I am also interested in video as well.  This gives me the ability to explore both in an affordable and creative fashion.